May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Founded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in 1927, this annual event raises awareness surrounding hearing and speech problems. It’s also the perfect time to think about our own hearing health.

Sound breathes life into our everyday, nurtures our emotions, and evokes the memories our heart never wants us to forget. A baby’s blissful gurgle. Rain pitter-pattering against a window. A song that triggers nostalgia for your first cross-country road trip. A late relative’s gravelly voice over the phone. Your family’s humorous rendition of “Happy Birthday” every year. Whatever sounds personally matter to you, imagine how different life would be if you missed them?

Recognizing the profound impact of sound on our lives, particularly in fostering connections with loved ones and enriching experiences, emphasizes the necessity of addressing hearing loss. It is reported that individuals who proactively treat their hearing loss express overwhelming satisfaction with their decision, highlighting the effectiveness of available interventions. We know that untreated hearing loss is linked to a laundry list of physical and mental well-being issues, including decreased cognitive function, higher incidences of hospitalizations, depression and falls, and increased risk of social isolation and dementia. 

Nearly 100 years ago, ASHA designated May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. Their goal? To raise awareness about speech and hearing challenges and encourage people to take action and treat their own hearing and speech problems. And yet, ASHA’s goal is still far from realized. Unfortunately, too many of the tens of millions of Americans who have hearing loss don’t do anything about it, even though treatment is readily available and evidence for hearing loss treatment is so compelling. And despite these advancements and the readily available treatment options, a substantial portion of the population with hearing loss remains untreated. But hey, that’s why we celebrate and keep reminding people every May! 

Unfortunately, when it comes to your hearing, once you lose it, it is gone forever. As a result, early detection and intervention is key to protecting your hearing and continuing to enjoy your favorite sounds. And today’s hearing technology represents a significant advancement, offering unparalleled capabilities to enhance hearing and facilitate effortless communication. At Audibel Hearing Center, we offer FREE hearing screenings to anyone who suspects they may have hearing loss. And if you’re not quite ready to commit to an in-person appointment, we also offer a FREE online hearing test.

Make This May the Month You Start Hearing and Living Better

Don’t miss out on your favorite sounds. Keep your favorite sounds interwoven in your life and let us cherish the joy and betterment that sound brings to our daily lives, embracing every melody, every conversation, and every whisper of the world around us.

Is hearing loss holding you back you from enjoying life and sounds as much as you want? Better Hearing Month is tailormade to finally do something about it! Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive hearing screening at Audibel Hearing Center today. Our team of dedicated hearing specialists will help identify and address any potential hearing loss or help you form healthy habits to prevent hearing loss from occurring.